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Make Your Faux (but Fabulous) Jewelry Last Much Longer!

So, as we know, fashion jewelry rocks! It's fun, colorful, unique, and cheaper than the real thing. However, because it's not the real thing, it doesn't last as long...but you can stretch the life of your fab pieces with a little care and consideration. 

Here are the dos and don'ts of taking care of and cleaning your fashion jewelry. Follow these 10 simple rules to stretch the life of your favorite baubles and enjoy them for much longer than expected.


DO store jewelry carefully and away from other objects to avoid scratching.

DO keep jewelry dry and avoid wearing when bathing, swimming, sweating, or doing chores.

DO clean jewelry with a damp cloth and dry completely, when needed.

DO use a jewelry organizer when traveling with jewelry.

DO limit sun exposure.

DO put on last and take off first!



DON'T expose jewelry to harsh chemicals in perfumes, lotions, soaps, oils, etc.

DON'T use jewelry cleaners.

DON'T wear daily, switch it up.

DON'T expose to heat, steamers, or ultrasonic cleaners. 


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