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Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest  in our program! Below are the full details in question and answer format. We hope this will be the beginning of a rewarding partnership!


Q: How do I become an Ambassador for Top Layer Boutique?

A: It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Simply contact us via direct message on Instagram @toplayerjewelry or email us at to let us know you would like to become an Ambassador. Provide your name and email, then we will set up your Top Layer Boutique Ambassador Discount Code. Lastly, share, share, share on all of your social media sites! You must be 18 or older to sign up.

If you make a purchase before signing up , you will earn a free gift with your purchase (your first Ambassador perk, yay)! Just let us know you would like to become an Ambassador and provide the email used to make your purchase. We will then send your Ambassador code along with your gift!

Q: What do I need to do as an Ambassador?

A: To be an Ambassador, you only need to share your discount code with your followers on social media. The more times your code is used to make a purchase, the more rewards you receive! You can also send your photos/videos in our jewelry directly to us for sharing. If you do not have jewelry yet, you may repost any of our posts until you make a purchase or win items in any of our Ambassador-Only giveaways or contests.

Q: Do I need a certain amount of followers to join?

A: Not at all! The amount of followers you have is not as important to us as your passion for sharing our products. We want to provide anyone with the opportunity to promote our brand!

Q: What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

A: As an Ambassador you will earn free product, huge discounts, and store credits! The more your code is used, the more rewards you earn! You will be eligible to participate in Ambassador-Only discounts, giveaways, and more! You will get to voice your opinion and make suggestions on how to make our company better! You will also have the opportunity to offer personalized discounts when approved. Your photos and/or videos in our jewelry will be reposted on our Instagram and Pinterest pages, as well as, on our official website! And the best part…you get to be a sponsored Ambassador and social media influencer with a real company!

Q: How much is my code worth?

A: It is worth 25% off the entire purchase and limited to one use per customer. During holiday seasons and special promotion times, this discount may increase. It can also increase at an Ambassador’s request (for birthdays or special events). Just let us know that you are interested in providing additional offers to your followers and we can discuss options.

Q: Help, I put in my code at checkout and it is not working! What is happening?

A: Most likely, it is being used with another discount code. More than one discount code cannot be used at once. If that is not the reason, please contact us at

Q: How do I know how many times my discount code has been used?

A: We will provide a weekly report of the orders placed with your code, if any. We will also work on providing a way to login and check for yourself as our program grows.

Q: Is there anything else I need to know before I join?

A: Yes, please know that we truly value each and every one of you! We wanted to make our program as simple as possible and beneficial for everyone! Top Layer Boutique is a honest and fair company and we want everyone to win! We win with new customers and exposure and you win with exposure on our sites and free merchandise! We hope you will join our team so that we can start winning together!

You are always welcome to message us with opinions and suggestions on how we can improve our program or Top Layer in general.


Reward System:

Code Used:

Reward Earned:

1 time

$5 store credit

5 times

1 FREE item of your choice

10 times

$20 store credit 

20 times

Another FREE item of your choice

30 times

2 FREE items of your choice

40 times

$30 store credit + FREE item of your choice

50 times

$40 store credit + 2 FREE items of your choice


Direct message us on Instagram (@toplayerjewelry) for any more questions or further assistance.